Isle of Wight Festival Memorabilia at Melville Hall Hotel, Sandown, Isle of WIght The Isle of Wight Festival Inspired Bar Lounge Melville Hall Hotel Isle of Wight Festival Memoraibilia in the Festival Bar Lounge at Melville Hall Hotel & Utopia Spa, Sandown, Isle of WIght

Festival Bar Lounge, Isle of Wight

The Festival Bar at Melville Hall Hotel in Sandown on the beautiful Isle of Wight is the place to simply relax and enjoy a drink.

The Festival Bar features memorabilia from the Great Isle Of Wight Pop Festivals of 1968, 1969 and 1970.Whether you remember the original great Isle of Wight Festivals or you are enjoying the latest this Isle of Wight Festival memorabilia is a great talking point!

It offers a relaxed atmosphere for hotel residents and non residents alike, with comfortable sofa seating throughout and lovely views of the outdoor patio and swimming pool where you can relax during warm summer evenings.

The Bar serves a selection of liqueurs, beers and spirits as well as a varied cocktail menu for the more adventurous!

This Isle of Wight festival inspired bar lounge is open all day and you can also enjoy a  snack or lunch from our all day bar menu.

Relax in the Festival Bar Lounge before enjoying a delicious dinner in the Summerhill Restaurant which offers a superb dining service.

You can choose your favourite wine from an extensive list that can be enjoyed whilst relaxing in the bar lounge or with your meal.